Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 Habits of Highly Orgasmic Women

I will admit, these are not really habits, more like practices or qualities, perhaps they are virtues of orgasmic women. For the ladies, ask yourself, "Do I personify these qualities and what can I do to put into practice these virtues and ideas?" and men (or lesbians) may ask themselves "Does my girlfriend show in how she thinks and acts to be a highly orgasmic woman? How can I send her this message and get her to admit she may need to pay attention to this part of her life instead of putting all the pressure of her sexual satisfaction on me?"

1) No Shame

A highly orgasmic woman loves her body. She considers applying lotion to her dry winter skin as a moment for self massage that...may lead to more, if she plays her cards right. She loves her body and minimizes it's flaws in her own psyche. That's not a beer belly, thats a pillow for a lover. Her tits don't sag, they lovingly rest against said pillow....because who wouldn't want to slide up against her. Plus, when pumped up in a beautiful bra, those ladies deliver cleavage that stops traffic!

2) Know Your Body

A highly orgasmic woman knows her body. She knows the relative depth of her vagina. She knows what angles work for her and which parts like the most internal rubbing. She is aware of and accepts the orgasmic amplifcation ability of the anus. She knows what she likes, and how to get it.

3) Practice Sex Whenever

A highly orgasmic woman has the emotional flexibility to change her mood in order to get over a trivial matter and get it on. She serves shit up cold after she gets off and her man is more willing to see her side of the story. She understands the power of pacification and also doesn't deny her own pleasure to prove a point. Plus, she digs sex and makes it a priority.

4) Sexual Attitude

A highly orgasmic woman is in touch with her sexual attitude and has a personal, emotional, logical, and rational opinion and position on sexual matters affecting her and the world. She thinks about these issues and on a daily or weekly or periodic basis comes to startling and unique revelations about sex and the world because it is on her mind.

5) Imagination and Fantasy

A highly orgasmic woman has the ability to imagine and develop fantasies about sex. She knows this helps arouse her and that telling these fantastic stories to her mate may arouse them also. A highly orgasmic woman has a current "go to" fantasy for her masturbation sessions and one she can whip out for her partner that involves them and perhaps a friend of his/her choosing.

6) Unguarded and Open

A highly orgasmic woman has few filters. She speaks her mind. She gives instructions in the sack. She suggests positions. She adjusts her level of filthy discussion to the proper audience, but she unleashes when it is appropriate. (or inappropriate, she doesn't care, sometimes).

7) Discipline

A highly orgasmic woman has the self discipline to practice every day. Masturbation is practice for a highly orgasmic woman so that her partner can experience the full ability of her body, and get off to the highest level themselves. Just because you have arm muscles doesn't mean you can lift a 100 pound barbell and hold it over you head the first time you try. You need to practice by lifting a little more weight everyday. So, your vagina cannot be expected to do what any other muscle group cannot do. Practice your Kegel exercises and masturbate in anticipation of the next time you have sex with another person and you will be amazed at the results.

Remember, the sexier you feel, the more sex you will want from yourself. The more you do it with yourself, the more comfortable you will be doing it with someone else. The more comfortable you are doing it with someone else, the more you will enjoy sex. The more you enjoy sex, the more you are apt to do it. The more you do it, the better you feel, so have some sex after every meal! And, you never know, if everybody is getting laid, perhaps it can lead to world peace!


  1. "Her tits don't sag, they lovingly rest against said pillow....because who wouldn't want to slide up against her. Plus, when pumped up in a beautiful bra, those ladies deliver cleavage that stops traffic!"

    And I totally agree!
    -to flaunt the imperfection.. a big turn on for me-guys often whine & make jokes about boobs heading south while forgetting the havent been able to see their own feet for a long time,likewise the babe who wants an adonis guy with a six pack who is 45, if we could only all be more comfortable with our bodies and forget the narrow views of a minority there would be a great deal more horizontal dancing on late Saturday nights (and of course the lovely Sunday morning bedroom olympics.

    Ivan,Tunbridge Wells,

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