Monday, October 29, 2007

Finger Blasting Technique

When orgasm is the goal, there are many different ways for different women, there are different ways for the same woman depending on the mood and the action and the players but one thing is for sure, finger blasting is one of the best, fast ways to orgasm.

I'm not gonna bother with the "keep your finger nails groomed" rap. You all know about it, it's just a good health practice, but honestly if the woman is hot, riled up and ready, it won't matter if you have the scratchy fingers of a hot carpenter, especially if you are already inside us. But you won't get there unless you use finesse.

By finesse, I mean technique and placement. In my experience men use their fingertips to try to arouse and then they drive their fingers in, like they are digging for something in the sand. Some think that by tracing the hole it will arouse us, and you are right, but, hey, guys, this is the most sensitive part of our twat rubbed with the roughest, snaggyest part of your finger... instead, use your finger PADS (where your fingerprints are). It is a smooth and soft rubbing surface for the sensitive stage of the game. That's one sure fire way to a moist hole.

If you are both clothed, rubbing on the outside of clothes in all directions feels great. But once the clothes come off, or your hand is stuffed down the pants or up the skirt, this is a whole new ball game.

You can't just stir that shit like a stew, personally I don't like my junk dragged backwards. Probably due to my outgoing, generous clit, I feel like a cat being combed the wrong way if the guy slides his hand upwards and fumbles for purchase. Back to the standard refrain... all girls are different. If they have a small, hidden clit this might not be a big deal and they may like it. A good way to bring your hand up and back to the "starting position" of clit stimulation is to drag it along the side, trace the place where her leg meets her thigh, a safe positioning or slide along her outer lip near all the good stuff, but not on top of it. Don't waste time, and get back to the action. Again, use the pads of your fingers.

Clit stimulation is the first step. Starting on the outside of the clothes or underwear is a good way to get to the general area without really knowing what you are doing. Plus, you can get a lay of the land, start to feel where everything is, without jeopardizing the outcome. Small circles with varying degrees of pressure should do the trick. Once you have determined that your girl is ready (begging for it) slide, drive, but don't dig, with two fingers, into that snatch. The ring and middle fingers are a standard that can be worked from. If it is too much (or too soon) pull out SLOWLY and get back to the clit. Then slide one in later. (The Middle, for length, dexterity and size. They don't use it to say "fuck you " for no reason).

But let's say that she is ready, and it is going perfectly. Once in, use the palm of your hand to massage the general clit area while your fingers move in a few different ways.

1st way: palm is massaging clit, fingers are circling, sliding along all sides of the wall, or half circles, on the front side, back and forth, sliding.

2nd way: palm is massaging clit, fingers are massaging g-spot. To practice, think about making the "devils horns" shape with your hands, you know the metal head double-handed-gesture with-the-head-bob? Use your middle and ring fingers to trace a small circle on your palm. Try this now just for fun. Kinda need some practice, right? It's a little difficult but, for the g-spot, you can do it.

3rd way: ready for the change up, slide fingers in and out (slow or fast depending on this girl) You don't always have to totally withdraw either, just bounce up and down or pull all the way out and trace that hole again. It's nice to have an ebb and flow, give the orgasm a chance to build. (Or as a break between orgasms) Now it may be time to introduce another finger. The index is standard, but the pinkie can work too and depending on your angle, (are you in the back seat of a car, a phone booth, an uncomfortable position) might be the best choice for leverage in this situation. Stack your fingers, index and ring under middle for a better fit and placement. Now your ring and index are taking on the g-spot.

4th way: Now that you are working 3 fingers and the clit with your palm you can go for "the vibrate". Simply shake your hand from side to side rapidly, gripping the whole package and releasing. This is hard to sustain and usually unnecessary to do for long periods of time. Good to do just before she comes, it may help in bringing her there, or as a transition between the fore mentioned techniques.

5th way: Plow. Stuff those fingers in deep and use your thumb to stimulate the clit.

6th way: the masterful control this takes is hard to develop but trial and error keeps it interesting. We are at 3 fingers in, so using the slide in and out technique, (3rd way) rotate the hand so that the pinkie can start to slid up to her asshole and your thumb is stimulating the clit. DANGER: you cannot use the thumb as a leverage point if it is manning the clit, it has to maintain independence from what the rest of the hand is doing. Once in position, your hand is basically sideways, and you can now "wave" and "pat" "Waving" moves the hand clit to ass (good for a girl who likes her clit tapped, and you can start to work on pinkie penetration for the asshole. (if you have a fingernail on this pinkie, or an anal virgin, do not even attempt to penetrate. Just being in the general vicinity will probably be enough, a good idea is to curl your pinkie and use the knuckle for applying pressure, without penetration) "Patting" will move the hand side to side, nice for the clit (let the thumb find one spot, on the side of the clit and stay there with mild pressure) and good for beginning asshole afficionados, as you are just rubbing, (finger pad or knuckle, remember) not penetrating.

Infection warning: once touching the asshole, even if your fingers are simply near that area, you are now "radioactive". You cannot go back to fingering her. She does not want a "mixed bacterial vaginosis infection" that women can get from bacteria that has traveled from her ass to her vag. It's distracting and it's hard to come when thinking about infections. So use it as an ending technique and if you haven't gotten her off, even a little yet, it's time for cunnilingus. Use your OTHER hand if you are going to blast while you eat.

Have you fingerblasted in all 5 boroughs?