Monday, March 10, 2008

Horny, horny women and their sexual peak

It happened to me when I turned 32. Suddenly, after a very happy 10 years of monogamous marriage I wanted to have sex with EVERY man I saw. This was a confusing time because I didn't love my husband any less, or want our relationship to end, so what was up with this new, raging drive to screw everyone I met?

At first I thought that it was some kind of "seven year itch" a few years late and I was lucky in my relationship for the extra years and it would pass. When I would discuss this with women even a few years younger than me they would say nice things like "yeah I get horny too" but never with the gusto that I believed this particular feeling engendered.

I harkened back to a story I heard from a lesbian friend of mine who said that once she turned a certain 30-ish age, she wanted to have sex with men for the first time in her life. She took this as a maternal signal, thinking "if I want to fuck guys, I must want to have a baby". Her biological clock's alarm had sounded, she did wind up screwing a guy and had a lovely child. Good ending to the story. But what about me, one with no maternal desire for a child? I would not be fooled by my body to procreate!

So, I channeled this desire into, oooh my lucky husband, and into a masturbation practice featuring all the men I would like to fondle. I even made a "DoW" list, my "divorced or widowed" list of men I would screw, in a certain order. In case one of these scenarios became a reality, I would be ready.

This feeling has persisted for the last 5 years, even gained a little ground I must admit, so I had to find out. I decided to research this "women's sexual peak" phenomena.

Turns out, it is the age of the body. An onset of perfect baby making chemicals and physical environment, after years of practice, has reached it's peak. These are the years to reproduce. When girls are 12 or 14 or so, not every ovulation cycle releases an egg. It's sporadic, gaining momentum and then leveling out in cycles. Hitting strides for certain blocks of years as you age. At thirty -ish, every cycle produces and releases an egg, they are present, ripe and active thus sending the horny message to your primitive brain to fuck every bull in the herd. Every month the body wants to fulfill it's hormonal message. Hurray for contraceptives! Then, less and less eggs are released as you get older. Until, kaput. Only on the egg making, I hope we keep the libido.

So, I'm wondering when this peak will end? Or does it have to?