Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Shine

After orgasm there is a sense that time has stopped and the whole body is relaxed and floating in space. I like to think of this time as "the shine". It has also been called the afterglow. Usually your lover is so beautiful at this point that it is hard to resist touching them. Please, respect the shine! Let the glow fade slowly and naturally and don't interrupt the reverie with new stimulation. When your love has paralyzed your lover and brought them to a state of pure meditation, don't ask them questions...don't ask for details...don't even bring them water yet...don't talk! Just let.

The shine is such a beautiful place. Ideas float by, thoughts and memories glide through the conscious mind that have been previously long lost. It is such a relaxing place. An opportunity to ride the peaks and valleys of the mind or unravel the mysteries of relationships, of the universe, is precious and must be respected.

Eventually, the shine wears off. Like the effects of any massive physical release, it has to pass. Oh well, do not mourn, because if you have an educated lover you have taken full advantage of this feeling. If you have yet to experience this, then there is a place for optimistic hopeful expectation. Because of this moment, you will recognize and respect the shine and reap the benefits.

Now, once passed, it is the time to reassess, gaze into your lover's eyes and begin again. Drink that glass of water, jump in the shower and start all over again.