Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Horny, horny women and their sexual peak, part two

The "horny horny women and their sexual peak" post was quite popular. Apparently, this phenomena is just another of women's sexual experiences that we as a society consider a dirty little secret. I guess it's what made Mrs. Robinson from "the Graduate" such a controversial figure? Here are some comments I received, would love to hear how anyone would reply to the last fellow who is grappling with his wife's horny nature.

anonymous #1
Thanks for this post. I am realizing now that I've hit my sexual peak, even though my boyfriend tells me that it's at age 40. I just turned 30. I have suddenly had the urge to literally fuck all of my male co-workers. I'm glad I'm not alone in all of this.
I've been fucking my boyfriend 3 times a day and feel this great urge to make a baby. I will be reading your journal more often.

The thing that strikes me about this comment is that her lucky boyfriend is getting it 3 times a day and still has the balls to say she isn't hitting some kind of sexual peak? Perhaps she hasn't peaked, I understand, things could get wilder, better, she'll get more confident, she is just starting this phase, but that she feels something and he denies it makes my hackles go up. Maybe -in addition to the hormonal surge- she wants to fuck her co-workers because they respect her? Okay, perhaps that isn't the case, he may be simply ignorant, like the rest of the world, about this and maybe wants to let her know that it's just going to get BETTER! I would definitely say this falls under the fertile/baby making category. Listen Honey, don't get fooled by your body into motherhood if you don't want it, or are not ready, a child is yours FOREVER. But have fun with your horniness. I think it makes a woman feel beautiful, charismatic, and sexy.

Oh, and by the way, I was reminded of a moment in my life the other day and it occurred to me that it was probably the onset of my "sexual peak" phase. I was 30, yes 30 like the woman above, walking down 14th street in Manhattan, thinking about a guy I knew from Europe; I had just moved back to NYC. I was just thinking of what he would be doing that time of day, drinking tea, or whatever. It was not even a sexually charged fantasy when my nipples got HARD, both of them, and as they rubbed against my shirt I had a full-body-sensation-orgasm walking down the street. It was as if I was not even in control of this body. It took me by surprise (a pleasant surprise) and I have never been able to recreate that moment. (yes, I've tried). So, I think 30 might be some official start, like adolescence may start physically changing girls at 10, but for some not until 12 or 14, or even 16, right? Next comment.

anonymous #2
Just found this site when I was searching the web for "women's sexual peak." I am almost 44 yrs old and ever since I turned 40, I have been horny all the time. I was horny in my late teens-20's, basically almost 0 in my 30s, and now, WOW! And it seems to be getting more intense. I masturbate almost daily since my lover is in another state. I have been trying really hard not to place an ad online looking for a FWB situation. I see men on the street and want to do it right there with them. Thank goodness for some wonderful toys I have been experimenting with. Too bad they don't come with warm bodies.
-she continues-
I'm not so sure that the sexual peak has anything to do with my biological clock. My "child" is 21yrs old and I'm 44. I've always been sexual, having started sex as a young teen. I've always had a good sexual life and always enjoyed it. I've had great partners. But about 2 yrs ago, I noticed, and in fact, I think my partner noticed before I did--that I wanted and NEEDED sex more often. It has since intensified and all I want to do is get off. I want to fuck everybody--men and women, all day and night. I think about it all the time, no matter what I'm doing. I have no intentions of having or feelings for wanting another child at all--instead, I feel liberated that my kid is an adult right now.

I love this post. The woman is also taking it into her own hands (or toys) which I love. For me, just the fantasy of a warm body is enough sometimes, who needs the actual person? Also, I am ignorant of these abbreviations...what is a FWB situation? Let me know...
The mistake is that she thinks the horniness is some kind of desire, conscious or otherwise, to have kids when I simply refer to the ovulation process being amped. I have no desire for children either, but am still horny horny horny. I actually think it is a cruel twist for us ladies who love the freedom of unmotherhood, that we are so horny at a time when it is so easy for us to conceive. As far as her not feeling horny in her 30's, I have heard that having kids, and their related baggage, ie. responsibility (work more to make money to provide), care taking (bathe feed and clothe the little one), affection (they love you and crawl all over you, drooling, crying, laughing, jumping, enough physically activity to satisfy any affection level) care giving (you love them, hold them, bandage wounds, develop their lives, pick out schools, take them to music lessons, etc.) these parental duties really have a way of taking the focus off of oneself and depositing it onto the child. This woman was around 23 when she had a child, so the bulk of rearing the kid happened in her 30's. She may have been pumping out the best fertile eggs during those years, but fatigue of child rearing and focusing on a little one's life could have acted as an antidote to horniness. Once she felt she was done, "liberated" that is, her child is 21 and all grown up, her horniness flourished! hurray!! !! seems normal and natural to me.

anonymous #3
Thanks for the honesty ladies. Has this urge subsided any? Seems my wife is/was going through this. It started when she was around 30 and now she's 36 how much longer will she have this urge? BTW, I understand when you see someone attractive, you might take a double look, but as you ladies say you want to screw just about every guy you see. Also, any tips to fulfill her fantasies while in this sexual peak would be greatly appreciated. FYI, we've always been a sexually charged couple and I don't consider are sex life "dull".

Well, the urge has not subsided for me. And as you can read above, the woman who is 44 is just starting to feel this (well, at 40 years she started to feel it), so I think you are perhaps in for a longer haul than a short horny ride.
Get her good sex toys and give her plenty of privacy to use them. (see earlier posts regarding good vibes) She can take the edge off by masturbating and fantasizing about who she wants to fuck. DAILY. She should do this in addition to screwing you.
Do it whenever and wherever. Be ready if you need condoms for protection, and go at it in different places, at different times. Sometimes just service her orally or manually (see fingerblasting post, or cunnilingus post)
If you don't already, then use vibrators in your sex acts to enhance her pleasure. The "hitachi magic wand" on the clit IS magic during intercourse, and as some women have confided, they don't get off in the same way without it.
Consider a threesome. Maybe screwing one of the guys she wants to, and you at the same time, will also calm the beast. Or maybe like the lady above, her horniness extends to an interest in ladies? I can understand how that may not appeal if you are married and want to keep the sexual relationship private, but a suggestion nonetheless. Perhaps you know a friendly couple looking for a switch-a-roo and then you all win.
Alter your appearance if possible. Grow your hair, cut your hair, grow a beard, shave your beard. Your chameleon like ways will fuel her "I am with the Xerox repairman tonight" fantasy and may make you more dynamic to her as you are not the same old guy, night after night.
Change your sexual pattern. If you are finding that you do it in the same way all the time, like a "by the bases" foreplay scenario- kiss kiss, squeeze a boobie, rub the twat, stick it in- you may want to mix it up.
Maybe this should have been the first suggestion, but have an honest discussion about her orgasmic ways. Is she getting off when she is with you? What could you do to facilitate this? Leggo your ego, if you know what I mean. Even if she's been faking for ten years, better to find out and change your ways then lose someone you love.