Friday, July 18, 2008

Jane'e Guide review of Smutty Intelligence

I've been given a "quality" rating from Jane's Guide and I didn't even sleep with anybody!

Original & Quality
smutty intelligence
I had a lot of fun reading Karen's blog. It is a wonderful collection of insights into sexuality written by a confident woman over thirty. Here is one of my favorite quotes from her work, "Well, some ladies are a little shy about 'masturbating' themselves in front of a new guy. I might be a little harsh but I think this kind of shy is ridiculous. Ladies, you are letting them stick their penis in you but are too shy to get yourself off in the process? Shy and demure behavior is not for the bedroom, it's for when you meet his parents, or children, or boss." I could not have said it better myself. Karen has a wonderfully brazen tone throughout her writing, and I love it. - Vamp

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hurray for Mirena!

Today I got my IUD inserted. This morning, just a few hours ago, and I feel great. A little cramping upon insertion, but I rode my bike home afterward and feel totally normal and fine.

Now I have 5 years of the best birth control money can buy and a lot less to worry about. They say my periods will regulate over the next year and could stop altogether (hopefully). I always liked getting my period, because the alternative was too horrible to think about. It was a reassuring pain in the ass. At least I knew I was NOT pregnant if I was on the rag. Now I will have to trust my little R2D2 friend, the vaginal squid that battles sperm and all it's potential.
I have a feeling that I won't miss Aunt Flo's visits from Redbank too much.

Many monogamous women I know are choosing this IUD option for birth control. Some non-monogamous women I know have it too and I wonder if it is very very tempting not to use condoms, or is the fear of disease enough to motivate condom use? It will be for me. For now -at this moment, week, month?? I am monogamous, and if I choose to bang a new man, I'm definatly wrapping that sausage.