Monday, August 18, 2008

Bringing Back the Vulva

I started to really think about the vulva because my sister taught her daughter to refer to her genitals as her vulva. I was a little horrified at this at first. I thought, she'll be laughed out of the locker room when she starts referring to her genitals as a vulva when all the other girls will surely call it their vagina (or pussy, twat, cunt, whatever). My sister defended the vulva though, saying that is the visible part of the situation, from the outside you don't even see the vagina, so why refer to the vulva as a vagina? This got me to thinking, yeah, why not the vulva? It's where the clit lives, it's where the lips are loving life, it's the part you most frequently clean for proper vulva health and happiness. It's the appetizer-that could also work as an entree- on the cunnilingus menu. It's the most noted camel toe.

Did you ever notice how people's genitals are mirrored by the features on their face? I think I can tell exactly how someone's genitals look by the way their eyes, nose and mouth are situated, and the size of such features. The face is the reflection of the vulva (and equally, the penis). I think we are unconsciously aware of this when we think a person is attractive to us, we are also checking out their reproductive parts, but it doesn't register consciously.

Another reason to refer to the downtown lady as a vulva is that the word vagina means scabbard. A place to slide your sword. According to Wikipedia, the word vulva was taken from volva or vulva which means "womb, female genitals", probably from the Latin volvere "to roll" or "wrapper". Is this simply the same concept, a "wrapper" for your sword, like a scabbard? Or all the goodies are "rolled" in this vulva?

Possibly vulva, or the jelly roll, is a reference to rock and roll, which I believe is a description of screwing, girl on top style. Rocking is the back and forth, pelvic tilt created with abdominal muscles pulling up and in and tipping down and back. Rolling is the circular action, swirling your hips on top on the cock, 360 degrees, like hula hooping an invisible hoop. Get it? This "rocking and rolling" action was thought to create a "reeling" in the receiver (and I'll tell ya, the giver gets something out of it too!) Such action really stimulates the vulva.

Sheath that sword. Rock and roll will never die. Long live the vulva.