Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Female Ejaculation

I have been thinking a lot about female ejaculation lately. I've actually been thinking about it for a long time. Way, way back when I was 21 I wrote this song called "(I never need a john when I'm) Feeling On and part of the lyrics read, "i can't ejaculate but honey I can cream" (it goes on)..."i don't make no excuse / it ain't like what it seems / cause i never need a john when i'm 'Feeling On'". Then I started thinking, "... I do ejaculate, but I can't write that because everyone will know my dirty little secret". So, I had to ask myself, what was that thing that was going on ...if girls were not supposed to do that?

Recently, I began researching this phenomena. I started because I was freaked out by the amount I was producing, a little used to be okay but what was this bursting? I think that for myself...I really wanted to know if it was piss. I was a little put off by thinking that I was pissing everywhere. Is it better that I know now that it isn't piss? That it is a big puddle of "something else"? (same stuff found in a prostate, plus other fluids) YES, but Not Really because it wasn't like I was going to stop doing it, stop feeling it, even if it was piss. Never the less, it's a hot and messy scene regardless of the ingredients . And anyway, I just had to know.

I conducted amateur research starting in Portland OR, 1995. It all began with an angled, weird, square vibe. A shoulder massager that came with with hard flat plastic nubbin snap on/off surface (several to choose from!). It was square, did I mention this? I think it merits reminding. It was supposed to be used for shoulders and neck. You'd hang it on your shoulder and apply pressure by pulling down. I bought it from a door-to-door salesman one day at work. I was working at the time in a sex toy shop, I could have had any vibe in town, but this one had power. Plus, I discovered, what pulls down must pull up and I inadvertently discovered the phenomena of female ejaculation. When I used that thing in the only way I could, because the angle was so acute, it pin pointed my gush button.

Female Prostate, G-Spot, Skene Glands, Clitoris.

Had I found the female prostate from the outside or was it just hugging the base of the clit that produced this reaction? Stimulating it with a press and lift most always led to some sort of gushing. This I discovered was a precursor orgasm to a mind blowing clit, vag, and anal orgasm. All my parts would contract. For some time...then continue for a few minutes, like surprises shudders. The residual spasms reminded me of when a horse itches, how it looks as it shakes its skin. Startling almost. I started counting them, then I stopped counting.

So, the ejaculation was not the end of the show. As it is for men, there was perhaps a refractory period that "reset" the clock of vaginal orgasm, but I didn't have to stop, it was like an event on this masturbation time line. Sometimes the gush was enough of an orgasm for that session and that would be that. Just for health. It was then that I started to believe that this ejaculation reduced pre-menstrual symptoms such as bloating.

It seemed if I didn't "express" myself, the orgasms were a lot more focused specifically in one zone, clit or vag. They were still good, but not the motherlode. Also, I found during sex, if the cock (or the dildo/vibe) didn't get shot out or squeezed out by the force of these experiences, I could feel bloated and pained, like something physical is being kept in. And if you hold it in, it's not like it's still there waiting for the moment of freedom, like the levee breaks and the river runs it's banks, the event happens and either you let it out in that moment, or it goes away, sometimes painfully. So, I would either shift positions, or keep going for a while to see what will happen, and eventually the pain would go away and the feeling would change as it does during any sexual session. Did it just seep out around the cock or is the pain is related to not having the freedom of a good flush? Was it re-absorbed, re-directed?

They say the female prostate is a bundle of nervy like strands (I picture them like marbling in meat) that surround the urethra and run towards the base of the clit and can be stimulated by pressure in the vagina if you push up to the front side of that luscious tube. Where the G-spot is said to reside. Thus, the confusion for the experts. In my experience I think the female prostate area is best stimulated by a vibrator pulling and held, pushing and held, against the base of the clit from the front side. That first vibe, the weird one, was the best at getting the perfect angle and pull position. Happily, I burned out the motor on that vibe and threw it out. That is why I love the Hitachi Magic Wand. It makes up in power and speed for what it lacks in straight edges, angles and torque. The angled one had the added benefit of being adjusted to pop onto clit duty when a change or reset was needed. The magic wand is like that too, mobile, versatile, but less specific.

Or was that vibrator angle just stimulating the Skene glands? The Skene glands, I think could possibly play their own part too, but the proof is sketchy. Is it the same as the prostate, what do Skene glands do?

Wikipedia entry on the skene glands: the Skene's glands (also known as the lesser vestibular, periurethral glands, or paraurethral glands[1]) are glands located on the upper wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra. They drain into the urethra and near the urethral opening. These glands are surrounded by tissue, which includes the part of the clitoris that reaches up inside the vagina and swells with blood during sexual arousal. There is some evidence that nerves in the area produce an orgasm different to one produced by clitoral stimulation.[citation needed]

Citation needed is RIGHT! I feel like they are related somehow to the expulsion because they direct fluid into the urethra and then it is passed out. But my experience sometimes feels a little different, like the skene glands themselves release the fluid, sometimes through the urethra, sometimes it feels like it is being carried out of the glands themselves, a feeling that it comes more from the vagina than urethra.

I think the G-spot is another bundle of nerves that contributes to the mindblower trifecta orgasm experience, maybe even connecting the two parts, the vaginal canal and clit. Maybe it's like the sensitive spot at the underside of a guys head, it contributes as a bundle of nerves does to sensation, but is not wholly responsible for a particular type of orgasm. Maybe it is the underside of the Skene glands or another side of the prostate and when stimulated from the inside gives a different sensation. Anybody out there have any ideas, opinions?

My impression is that these glands are like nerves that secrete fluid and send electronic messages to each other. If you have a vibe on your clit, dipping into the prostate, a vibe in your sheath, pressing up to your g-spot, love in your heart and smutty thoughts, you should come like a fountain.

If you don't, so what? Try again and don't sweat it.

Future subjects: Kegel Anecdotes

Sunday, October 7, 2007

titty fuck

There should be more titty fucking to orgasm. Oftentimes, in this world, titty fucking is just a naughty stop along the way and not very respected as the whole beautiful experience that it is. I think this is because- with the exception of july and august in NYC , titties are not that lubed and slippery. Ladies, your mouth is right there, I suggest licking the knob a couple of times and painting a line of saliva between your tits as lube to get started, then as the titties are being fucked, lick the tip of the cock and let it carry saliva down to your now slippery slide-y cleavage that cock loves so well!

What I enjoy about the titty fuck is that I get to squeeze my tits together and they look so big, and even when they don't go all the way around (a nice big cock) that they still look voluptuous and feel supported. Also, that a cock is sliding toward my mouth rhythmically and I get to lick it as it comes close, like a game, a dream, it's a fun time. Sometimes I like to catch it with my chin and squeeze the head. I like the way the cock feels hard on my chest bones.

And unpredictable! Nobody knows where that come is going to land. It's like the lottery. What's it going to be...pearl necklace, facial, buried in the folds of those tits, belly....anything can happen at the end of this event. For most sex acts jism has it's destination laid out for it, so to speak. It's nice, the added anticipation.

It reminds me of being young when guys tried to shove their dicks anywhere you would let them. Plus, you can't get pregnant.