Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Vicious Cycle: Women's horniness killed by asshole behavior.

Guys wonder why they do not get enough sex in a relationship. The reason? Women are cut off at the pass by asshole behavior from their man. Women get cranky and need to be fucked, sometimes they don't even know how bad they need it, or as much or as often as they do. Woman are at their horniest and are maybe acting a little crazy from being pent up, a side effect of our busy lives of thinking about others, but right when we need it most, usually our guys do something that makes us so mad, that we don't want to fuck them at all! What an asshole! And nobody can work up the energy to fuck an asshole (and get off).

Is this an unconscious way that men withhold sex from their women? They complain that women don't want sex as often as men do, but that is just not true, women just can't suck and fuck someone they are mad at. Perhaps the nature of the standard act of intercourse allows men to fuck even if they hold a grudge. Who wouldn't want to pound on someone you were mad at? (and get off in the process, great!) But for women, getting fucked after you feel fucked over emotionally just... is not acceptable, literally.

Here's the advice, if your woman is acting cranky, and you know she needs it, instead of the lecture that your not getting enough downtown action, or grabbing her and humping her while she picks up the dirty laundry you left on the floor last week, or humping her during any other chore that is demanding her time at that moment, or yaking that your needs are not being met, (insert any other whiny, whiny man complaints about their sex life here) or even telling her she "just needs to be fucked" which is like saying "are you gonna go on the rag soon, you're a bitch!?" INSTEAD, think of the ways you can arouse her. Take a shower, maybe you can entice her into taking one with you by saying how you would love to scrub her (all over, not just her titties) with luscious soaps, or shampoo her hair as she relaxes, or whatever it takes to get her into the shower with you, dry her off, dry yourself off, and then do all the things you have been dreaming of. If you can't get her in the shower with you, take one by yourself, meet her with a clean body and start being very nice to her, arouse her, then she will be more than happy to fuck you. Buy some nice smelling lotion and massage her whole body. You may have to do this a few times without expecting sex after. This will lure her into relaxing and eventually, maybe the second or third time you are massaging her, she will fuck your brains out.

Did you notice the "arouse her" message? This is a major missing link for men. Women are focused on and distracted by the things they have to do in life -especially if they have kids, they are always thinking of what they have to do for the kids- and cannot just switch into fuck-me mode unless aroused (or driven into fuck-me mode by time and pent up sex drive energy that has not been released -see above- but by that time she is already very crazy!). Sometimes, you can't just lift her skirt and start chomping, she may need a little more warm up, BUT sometimes that's ALL it takes, a random act of cunnilingus and a nice finger-blasting that does not need to be immediately reciprocated with a blow job does wonders for a girl's heart and mind.

You won't even have to think about arousing her so much if you are not an asshole! She will be more apt and ready to screw you if you are doing things that make you appear to be a good guy in her eyes. Remember, sex is habitual, the more they do it, the more regularly women will want to do it. Think about it. They need it as much as you. They want it as much as you. They also want you to be fuckable. So, be a good guy, and she will screw you more often.