Monday, December 3, 2007

Cunnilingus Part TWO

To be a great cunnilinguist, you need sound techniques, basic knowledge of anatomy, an empathetic nature, and some insight into the woman you are about to devour.

Every pussy is different so you can't expect to know what will be the ultimate technique the very first time you go down on her, or else you are lucky and she likes exactly what your last woman enjoyed! Remember there is an ebb and flow to this, first, start with a light touch because a strong beginning might spook her into thinking you are gonna go at it rough and there is no greater obstacle to orgasm than anxiety.

Tongues can be utilized in a few ways. To begin, give a good lapping with a flat, relaxed tongue just slightly sticking out of your lips, to get the lay of the land. See which points cause a stir in the loins of your lass and make a mental note. Remember, squirming is not necessarily a good reaction, she could be squirming AWAy from what you are doing rather than showing pleasure. Squirming INTo what you are doing is a good sign. Use your top lip to anchor to a spot, and your bottom lip for additional stimulation as you lick her.

Make your way to the top, (12 if her vulva were a clock face) where her hood covers her clit and lick her hood softly, then change to a harder probing tongue and slide her hood all over her clit. This is a great way to stimulate the clit without overdoing it. Yes, we have all heard it, the clit is sensitive, so beat around that bush so to speak. Think that you are an archaeologist, dusting for an historical artifact (her clit) with your tongue. You don't touch the object itself until you have almost revealed it completely. Once you feel it getting harder and responding, give it a little break and jam your hard extended tongue into her hole...oh yes. Don't stay too long, get back to the clit before she loses the forward progress you have made. Careful, I have read that some women really like their urethra licked, I am not one of them, it gives me the jumps, but you might try this and see the results, does she buck like a bronco? That's not always a sign that you are doing a good thing, you might have just touched a spot that is NOT enjoyable and while the response you got was big and dramatic, don't keep doing it, it may just piss her off, and that will frustrate her, and you don't want that.

Now you can start to tongue her under the hood, but avoid tonguing the actual tip of her clit. This tip should be sucked and kissed but hardly ever pushed, prodded, bitten or directly licked for too long. This is why ladies usually squirm away from you, if you are overstimulating. Wrap your lips around this little gem and start sucking gently. Now use your tongue on the clit in the context of this pursed lips sucking position. You can practice right now by putting the fingerprint of one of your fingers in between your sucking lips, (see how you have to avoid the teeth! please avoid the teeth!) and the tongue makes little licks at the clit that is being sucked towards it. You can do this rhythmically, and then slide your tongue around the circumference of your sucking lips for variety and again, don't stay there too long, switch up to a new place and a new technique.

I used to think there was nothing great about a tongue in the hole, there aren't many nerve endings in the vagina as you get further away from the entrance, and eh, with so many nerve endings in the clit, why bother with the hole? But, I have to say that I have been proven wrong. This is why Gene Simmons long tongue was so valued! Actually, you have to do something with that tongue, not just lay it in there like a slug, that tongue needs a destination, and the destination guessed it, the G-spot. Drive that tongue in and up and move it back and forth a little. This is hard to do for any length of time, and unnecessary to do for so long anyway, but a few seconds does make a difference. Start exercising your tongue by pushing it out as long as you can and then reaching up, try to touch the tip your nose (not the base of your nose near your upper lip, strive for the tip). Rub her clit while your in there, can't forget about that. Or, finger that hole while your lick her clit. Another good hole related technique is licking the entrance while you rub her clit. You don't always have to go all the way inside every time.

If a woman is holding your head in a certain position, with her hands or her thighs, stay and keep doing exactly what you were doing when she started grabbing you. She is trying to stop you from moving all around and focus on a spot that seems to be working for her, the minute she releases you, have a move ready to transition to in a different locale or in the same area but a different spot. (For example, if you were licking the side of her clit and she clamped you there, then released you, suck the whole area, like a big kiss, or slide over to the other side of the clit and lick or suck there, then eventually go back to the spot that she enjoyed because she might be ready to feel you there again.

One thing to note about a woman's path to orgasm is that it can be easily lost, one false move and you have to start all over again. So if there are distractions, the phone, a siren, loud noises, unlocked doors, bad technique, they might inhibit your girl, and you have to rededicate yourself to the task at hand.
Another re-set moment is after orgasm, you are proud and want to give her another so you dive in with the same gusto that did the job seconds ago, BIG MISTAKE. She is so sensitive now, probably could go for round two if you ease into it. Start at the beginning again and work up to that level of gusto. The good thing is the more you do it, the better you get and the more she gets off the easier it will be to get her off.

Yes! it's cunnilingus time! Part ONE

A word on the ultimate enjoyment, when performed well, and the ultimate annoyance, when performed horribly. To gain my respect, a man must have a good attitude about eating pussy. I can tell immediately who will be good at this act simply by their level of enthusiasm and if they dive into the discussion, or hem and haw.

Can pussy eating be taught or is it something that you have to love in order to do well? I think if the act was demystified, it might build confidence and increase the likelihood of a trip downtown for hesitant men. I suppose I should address pussy eating by both genders as I level this advice, there may be ladies out there who are afraid to eat snatch, or not really confident about their skills,too. Remember, practice, practice, practice. Just because you have the same anatomical features doesn't mean what gets you off will get her off. And beware, enthusiasm is good but does not guarentee results, and may at times, inhibit a successful performance.

For the receiver:
Women, you are ultimately responsible for your own orgasm. Your mind and your emotions are more important than anything this dude could be doing to your clit. If you do not have a healthy attitude about your crotch, how can you accept any act as complex, subtle and stimulating as cunnilingus, and expect it to lead to orgasm? Do your part and deal with this issue first.

For the giver:
Women love to be reassured about the beauty and ediblilty of their snatch. You love to hear how huge you are? She loves to hear how good she tastes. Imagine if you complimented the quality of the buffet as often as you would like to hear that your cock is so scary she is afraid it will rip her in two?

For the receiver:
You cannot expect results if you give no clues, hints, ideas, or feedback to this poor fellow or earnest gal trying their best. Remember these conversations take time. This pursuit of oral mastery is a life long practice, you get a chance to practice how to communicate what works best for you. One method, talk about what you like before you even begin. At the bar, over dinner, after the movie, walking home, riding in the car, begin the dialogue. This is arousing. I have not met a man -and maybe I've just been lucky - that doesn't like to talk about cunnilingus, even if they are not masters of the act, if they are into learning about what you have to say about it, they are worth fucking.

Another way is, right after the act, as you are marveling about what a wonderful time you had, mention a moment when they did a really good thing, like "i love when you stayed on the side of my clit, I think it was my right side, just licking a little and sometimes pushing your tongue into the base of my clit for a good amount of time, and then, when you switched over to the left side, my more sensitive side, it just made me come so hard, that was amazing".

For the giver:
That doesn't mean you only do what it is she just mentioned, over and over, and over and over, until it "works" again. Just file this information in your database, and use it periodically. Don't abuse a successful technique. It is abundantly clear to the lady that you floundering and grasping, desperate for ideas, when you repeat the same scenario. Boredom is not the desired effect of muffdiving.

For the receiver:
Learn to lay back and take it like a man. Get comfortable. Have plenty of time. Relax and fantasize. You are not required to be thinking about what is actually happening in the moment. (example: okay that feels good, but what the fuck is he doing now? that hurts, i wish he'd stop, okay that's better, yeah nice, oh shit why'd he stop, didn't he hear me moan. what the fuck is that? okay better..) Or about how you should be sucking his cock because he's going down on you. Instead, replay your latest masturbation fantasy and enjoy the physical stimulation that you are receiving. Unless, getting head from this hottie IS your latest fantasy in which case you are probably going to come soon anyway.

For the giver:
Please limit the amount of drool you are slopping on our twat. First, it may interfere with stimulation, too slippery and we won't be able to feel what is going on. You do not want your lady distracted thinking of your saliva as it is running down her leg. This is not a turn on most of the time. The drenched skin has a tendency to become cold, and then we're uncomfortable, and hyper aware of the spit instead of your hot mouth.

For the men, and bearded ladies:
If your shaved beard is very coarse and your 5'0clock shadow is kicking in, and you smash your whole face into our twats, relishing the goodness, we will hate you, it will hurt us like sandpaper on your nutsack. Would you really enjoy that? Just keep your face away until you can shave, by all means, and any means, lick, suck, you can even sometimes brush a little of that stubble against us, but be conscious of this. Full beards on the other hand are wonderful, and the softest face feels fine.

Part TWO is on the way, with real pussy eating techniques for you to try on your honey pot!