Monday, January 14, 2008

Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away?

It was quite a week. What are the chances? It finally happened. I burnt out my Hitachi Magic Wand AND my Rabbit. They both died within minutes of each other, like an old married couple who cannot live without one another. I think the rabbit committed suicide knowing the workload it was about to face if the wand was gone. It just couldn't handle the pressure, I guess. And pressure it was...I want to know if anyone else out there stops the rabbit when orgasming? The happy twirl of the shaft freezes when my vaginal muscles clamp down during the big ones and it cannot move. An unhappy silence accompanies this action, or maybe I just can't hear anything beyond my breathing during this roar of pleasure. I imagine that the motor doesn't appreciate these moments, but I sure do.

It has been a tough few days, first the denial, then anger, grief, and finally acceptance. Now I am anxiously awaiting the replacements arrival in the mail. I discovered I can buy both vibes on What a wonderful world. I am back to fingerblasting the old fashioned way and while it has been a nice trip through time -like visiting Colonial Williamsburg or something - I have to say that I appreciate the modern gadgets for their speed and efficiency. Remember, this is something I suggest you do everyday, and something I like to do everyday, it seems like there isn't enough time in each day to devote to "digital" masturbation when mind blowing results are required. Perhaps the rabbit was feeling neglected , I was paying a lot of attention to the "Impulse" (see previous post for recommendation) but, in my heart I know the rabbit is a slave to love and just gave out as things have a way of doing when used often.

Life with one vibrator (the impulse) just doesn't cut the mustard when you have two places -minimum- to stimulate. I hate the switching back and forth, it is frustrating and a big waste of time. So, back to the old days, the hands I was born with, and whatever else is lying around...
-------------------------REST IN PEACE-------------------------